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It is a common understanding that cold or heat therapy can treat minor aches and pains.  Although these remedies have been around for years, today we have a more convenient and a less messy method than melting ice cubes or using heating pads with cords and plugs.  The use of hot and cold therapy compresses, pads, and/or packs is the more modern approach to pain relief.

What Exactly Does Hot Therapy Do?

Heat therapy increases blood flow and reduces the level of discomfort associated with aches and pains.  Heat therapy has been used as a natural way to relax tired muscles and reducing recovery time.

  • Heat therapy has been known to help heal injuries more rapidly
  • Heat therapy lessens pain associated with injury
  • Heat therapy can warm up cold areas of the body
  • Heat therapy decreases stiffness in tendons and ligaments
  • Heat therapy relaxes muscles and decreases muscle spasm


What Exactly Does Cold Therapy Do?

Doctors recommend the use of cold therapy to reduce swelling caused by sprains, strains, and other types of injuries. Today cold therapy products are used instead of ice bags. When using PED-Medical Products you will receive a cool and dry relief against your skin.

  • Cold therapy reduces swelling
  • Cold therapy reduces the effects of a fever
  • Cold therapy relaxes tired and achy muscles
  • Cold therapy helps ease headaches
  • Cold therapy decrease the effects of hot flashes

What Other Ways Can I Use This Product?

Although the Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy line of products was designed to aid in the relief of injuries or discomfort associated with minor aches and pains, the items serve other functions as well. Athletes, mothers, and women use Hot and Cold Therapy to aid in their everyday lifestyle.

  • Keeping food stored in lunchboxes cooler or warmer
  • Can be applied to anyone at anytime for a soothing cool feeling
  • Aids in different types of beauty treatments
  • Quick relief for tired puffy skin giving you a more refreshed feeling
  • Helps keep baby bottles warm or cool when going on outings

No matter the reason why you are looking to purchase a product, we know that by choosing a PED-Medical product you will get to see quality at it's best.

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