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Compress Safety Warning

Pad and compress warnings.

Warning: We urge you to read and follow all instructions and warnings regarding the use of our products to avoid injury. It is very important for you to know the precautions that you must take before using this or any other product. As with all products the consumer must take the responsibility to read all instructions and follow the easy to use instructions carefully.


  • Do not overheat
  • All contents are non-toxic
  • Do not heat compress in the polybag
  • Not recommended for people with circulatory problems unless under direct supervision of a physician
  • Do not boil this product or place it in a conventional oven
  • Do not sit or lay on any PED-Medical product unless instructed
  • Do not leave this product unattended with a child or infant

Note: This product has loop fastener on one side. For proper use it is recommended when applying any of our products to your skin, apply it with the label facing downwards.

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