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Compress Activation

Compress Activation

Just Add Water!

Note: It is important for the consumer to be made aware of the instructions and proper use of any product they purchase. PED-Med understands safety is a priority. As with all products, the consumer must take the responsibility to read all instructions. For your safety, please follow the basic instructions for the use of the products featured by PED-Med.

Before you can use this product: The Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Compress gel must be activated by filling it with water prior to use.

Fill with clean water: Find the end of the compress that has a small opening. This opening will allow you to fill the compress with water. Turn on your cold faucet to trickle a small beam of water. Fill the compress by pressing the ends together making a small hole. Fill the compress halfway. DO NOT over fill the compress. Check the level of the water in the compress often. Take your time at this process. You can always add more water to the compress later.

Mixing: Pinch the hole closed with your fingers and shake the compress gently from side to side.

Drying: Allow the compress to dry on a clean surface at room temperature.

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